What Are The Health Benefits Of A Walk In Tub

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Health Benefits of Walk in Bathtubs

Walk in bathtubs allow for easy access to bathtubs, making them ideal for use by the elderly, the disabled, the injured and the sick. Taking a bath in a walk in bathtub also has several health benefits. There is documented evidence of use of bathtubs for their relaxing and therapeutic healing powers in the early Roman Empire. Bathtubs remain important relaxing and therapeutic healing tools today. With a full soak up to your chest, you will see improvement in blood circulation since the hot water leads to the dilation of blood vessels. Hot water soothes the nerves, making taking a bath effective in pain relief. If you have high fever or a mild cold, a full soak will lower the fever and help with the cold. Go for walk in bathtubs that have jets for the best effect. A full soak in walk in bathtubs is good for your psychological health because it calms your mind, eliminates insomnia and balances your emotions. You will notice a feeling of general well being when you take a bath.

Best Walk In Tub Tip

Hot water has the effect of exfoliating the skin and promoting the elimination of toxins and impurities through the skin. Hot water also reduces inflation of the joints, making a bath good for people who have arthritis. If you have feeding problems, taking a bath in a walk in tub is a good idea because hot water will help maintain metabolic function. You should also go for a full soak if you have urinary and bladder problems, if you have muscle tension and if you have hemorrhoid. Taking sitz baths in walk in bathtubs (or a bath up to the hips) is good for ailments that affect the abdomen. It is a good solution for people who have intestinal and kidney pains, hemorrhoids, pelvic congesting and inflations. Young women who are in their menstrual years stand to benefit from bathtubs in that they heal cramps and other menstrual problems. Walk in bathtubs have health benefits even when you simply insert your feet up to the calves. Immersion will solve such problems as kidney problems, bladder problems and ear and throat inflammations. Immersion for about 15 minutes will also relieve cold feet. You could also go for a cold foot bath to help with insomnia, to help relieve itchy skin, to increase libido, to help with mild depression and to help with tired feet. Cold and hot foot baths help reduce headaches, help with varicose veins and reduce high blood pressure.

Walk in Tubs for The Elderly and Handicapped

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Walk in Tubs for Elderly Handicapped and Reasons Why it Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Walk in tubs were a great invention for the elderly, small children and people with mobility challenges. The tubs were created to ensure that anyone with any type of mobility issue can have a safe and spa-like bathing experience. The tub manufacturers utilize state of the art technologies to come up with unique features that take relaxation at bath time to a whole new level. Let’s look at some of the amazing features that make walk in tubs for the elderly and handicapped the perfect addition to boost their quality of life.

To begin with, walk in tubs are specially designed for safety and convenience. They contain unique features which are not present in the conventional tubs and shower combinations. This includes easy-to-reach electronic controls, slip resistant floors and seats, wheelchair accessibility and a low entry level. Some of the latest designs even have self cleaning sanitary systems as well as safety bars. To enhance safety even further, the tubs are designed to facilitate emergency exit. Most of them have doors that open outwards so that the user can leave the bathing area easily in the event of an emergency.

Other than safety, walk in tubs provide users with a wealth of health benefits. Modern tubs are designed with features like hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and chromatherapy. You will even come across walk in tubs in the market with whirlpool and massage features. These ones are especially ideal for users who are suffering from joint problems and arthritis to alleviate their pain. A walk in tub with aromatherapy improves the quality of life of the user by helping him/her to relax. Other features of the walk in tub that leave users feeling refreshed and eliminates fatigue after bathing are beautiful LED lights which provide chromatherapy.

Walk in tubs have made it easier for people with mobility issues to have a more exciting bathing experience and boost their independence during shower time. Installing such in your home can make life easier and more pleasurable for an elderly handicapped. Remember that these tubs come in different styles and designs so it is important to select the one that is right for the user.

Make sure it is installed by a professional. To enhance safety and comfort of an elderly handicapped during bath time, and watch their quality of life enhance significantly, go ahead and install a beautiful walk in tub. Purchasing a walk in bathtub will make a difference in the lives of your loved ones.